Ron Ballard

Ron’s Published Talks

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Lose Not Your Saltness! A talk at Arden Wood, April 28, 1991

New Views for New Times A talk for the Annual Meeting of Arden Wood, August 5, 2001

Healing the Unhealable A talk given for Twelve Acres, Inc., December 1, 2002

Case Studies in Spiritual Healing A talk given at the Commonwealth Club, February 18, 2003.

The Future of Christian Healing A talk for Fern Lodge, April 27, 2003

New Birth and Healing in the 21st Century A talk for Canterbury Crest Nursing Services, April 18, 2004

God will heal the sick through man… A talk for AOCSN, September 24, 2005

Mary Baker Eddy: Lessons of a Healer Lecture Outline