Ron Ballard

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Lecturer, author, teacher, and practitioner of healing spiritually for over 35 years. Raised in Los Angeles, CA in a family that were early workers in the cause of Christian Science, Ron gained early training in spiritual healing in Christian Science Sunday School. Furthering that education, he took primary class instruction that prepares pupils for the healing ministry.

Graduated from Claremont McKenna College, Claremont, CA with a degree in political science, a field in which he worked professionally during college participating in successful congressional, senatorial, gubernatorial, and presidential campaigns. Entered the full-time practice of Christian Science upon graduation from college with listing in the Christian Science Journal since 1969.

Traveled extensively talking before a variety of groups and conferences worldwide including representing Christian Science to the media. Became a teacher of Christian Science and its healing method by completing the Normal Class of the Christian Science Board of Education in 1979.